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Last Updated August 31st, 2022

Hotkeys and Commands

  • i - Inventory Menu
  • Q - Drop Weapon
  • C - Traitor/Detecitve Shop
  • F1 - Tutorial & Custom Binds
  • F2 - Mute Players as Dead
  • F3 - This Menu
  • F4 - Event Menu
  • F6 - Adjust HUD
  • F8 - Damagelogs
  • !motd - This Menu
  • !menu - Command Menu
  • !block [name/SteamID] - Mute a Player
  • !unblock [name/SteamID] - Unmute a Player
  • !playtime [name/SteamID] - Check a Player's Total Playtime
  • !pm [name/SteamID] [msg] - Send a Private Message
  • !trade [name/SteamID] - Sends a Trade Request

Community Links

Server Rules

  • RDM and Killing off Suspicion
    • Do not kill off of suspicion or for a random reason outside of the current round/game.
  • Ghosting
    • Giving a living player information regarding the current round while dead is not allowed.
  • Hateful Conduct
    • It’s unacceptable to attack a person or a group based on attributes such as their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities.
    • Derogatory slurs such as “F**got”, “N***er”, etc. are not welcome in this community. (This includes variations of these as well)
  • OoGT - Out of Game Trading
    • Trading in game items/currency for out of game materials is not allowed and can lead to an inventory wipe/ban for both parties.
  • Scamming
    • Scamming in any form is not tolerated. This includes but is not limited to, keeping an item from a temp-trade, giving an incorrect price for an item, or tricking a user while trading. 'Item vs' are to be done with the built in 'item vs' system.
  • Inventory/Item/Gambling Exploiting
    • Please do not not exploit. Whereas you know of a glitch or non-intented bug that you abuse for personal gain.
  • Map Exploiting
    • Map Exploiting is anywhere there is unintentional invisible textures, anywhere clearly outside the bounds of the map, and anywhere you cannot be killed without outside assistance.
  • Bad Usernames
    • If a staff member asks you to change your name, change it. Period.
  • Spamming
    • Whether it be spamming text chat, voice chat, trade requests, doors, or sounds, nobody enjoys any of it. If asked to stop, please stop or you will be punished.
  • Traitor/Karma Baiting
    • Very simple rule: Don't act like a traitor if you're innocent in order for someone else to lose karma.

Server Clarifications

These are only here to answer any questions and feed the people obssessed with the rules. Staff are quite leniant when it comes to anything below.

  • Association
    • You are near a traitor killing players, and not acting to stop them. Another example is AFKs near dead bodies, where it is clear a traitor left the easy target alive (for obvious reasons).
    • You CANNOT kill someone or KOS someone for not taking explosive damage from a Traitor explosive item.
    • They must have had an opportunity to kill someone and passed it up for no reason. If a traitor dies before having a chance to kill an afk that afk wouldn’t fall under valid association.
  • Killing AFK's
    • Away From Keyboard - This means that you are not actively playing the game. Standing still for a few seconds doesnn't count as AFK.
    • You may not kill an AFK until Overtime. If the AFK you kill turns out to be innocent, you can still be killed for this.
    • You DO NOT have to ask someone if they are AFK before killing them during Overtime. You SHOULD ask if they have moved, but you do not have to.
  • Delaying
    • If you're a traitor and are taking longer than you need to finish the round, you'll be warned or slayed then and there. (innocents cannot delay)
  • Claiming
    • You may claim a room in Overtime, but you MUST announce it in chat AND give a single warning when someone enters the room before KOS/killing them.
    • You may only claim rooms of reasonable size, they cannot have more than 1 entrance/exit (traitor doors count) and can't serve a function such as a tester.
  • KOS - Kill On Sight
    • Kill On Sight - This is a call to kill the specified player as soon as they're seen.
  • Killing Off of Suspicion
    • Killing a player because they might be a traitor, you need to have a justifiable reason to kill someone.
  • The "15 Second Rule"
    • You are allowed to kill someone who is door blocking or following you after 3 warnings, IN TEXT CHAT, 5 seconds apart.
    • Their name must be in each warning. If they continue after the third warning, you may kill/KOS them.
  • Traitor Weapons
    • If you obtain a traitor weapon as an innocent, don't blame anyone if they kill you - possession of a traitor item is still KOS'able. You can announce that you have it in hopes of not being killed, but don't report someone for killing you for having special equipment.
  • Your Account = Your Responsibility
    • If someone does something on your account, we treat it as if you did this action.
  • RDM is not allowed. Ensure you have a valid reason to kill people.
    • Rightful Kills (What's Allowed)
      • They shot [at] you or someone else.
      • They murdered an innocent. (Please ask to ID body, killing an innocent is always KOS'able)
      • They're running past unidentified bodies and making zero attempt to ID them.
      • Someone else KOS'd them.
      • They have a traitor weapon out.
      • They're the ONLY person in a tight space that could have killed an innocent or shot in the space. (somewhere they couldn’t have been killed from elsewhere, like a room with a single door and no one came in or out but that person)
      • They're damaging/destroying innocent or detective equipment.
      • You have DNA on the player and are 100% it's them in a group of people.
      • They did any damage to you AT ALL (even 1 damage is KOS).
    • RDM (What's NOT Allowed)
      • Killing someone because they killed you the previous round.
      • KOS'ing off of a player's model.
      • KOS'ing off of a player's weapon.
      • KOS'ing off of a player's location.
      • KOS'ing someone for shooting at a wall/testing their weapon.
      • KOS'ing someone for standing in a doorway (Read 15 second rule).
      • KOS'ing someone for following you (Read 15 second rule).
      • KOS'ing someone before asking them to ID a body that you saw them kill (see below for elaboration).

        If you do NOT see a fight start, you MUST warn the victor to ID the body in text chat.
        HOWEVER if you watch a person kill a player and they immediately walk away without making an attempt to ID the body then you can KOS without warning.

        What if someone initiated a gunfight for no reason?

        ONLY IF

        • You SEE the fight start ("player A" opens fire on "player B").....
        • No prior KOS was called on "player B" AND "player A" does not call a KOS before shooting.....
        • "player B" did nothing traitorous that you observed to deserve to be killed.....


        You CAN immediately kill without warning.

      • KOS'ing someone because they won't test.
      • Forcing someone to test (putting a tester up against a door for example)
  • Ghosting of any form is never tolerated.
    • Ghosting is communicating outside game/PMs, giving game knowledge that would affect game-play.
    • Metagaming is not allowed. Metagaming is playing the game the way it is not meant to be played in an attempt to complete an alternate objective.
    • Helping other players complete bounties is not allowed.
  • Do not exploit.
    • Exploiting maps is a slayable offense. (see map exploiting definition)
    • Prop Surfing is allowed, so long as you do not utilize it to access areas of the map that ARE considered "exploiting".
    • If you are AFK, don't try to get around the AFK system (farming playtime/items).
    • Exploiting items, inventory, trading, gambling, or etc is not allowed.
  • Intentionally scamming is not tolerated.
    • This includes, but is not limited to: keeping an item from a temp-trade, giving an incorrect price for an item, or tricking a user while trading. Both parties should also be made aware of actual item values in all trades.
    • Do not trade any in game items for something out of the game.
    • Keep items & IC on the accounts they were earned on.
  • Do not hack or cheat.
    • Don't attempt to crash the server.
    • Don't harass other users.
    • Don't blackmail, this goes for reports, trades, and private information.
    • Using 3rd party software to gain an advantage is NOT allowed.
  • Trolling is not allowed.
    • Basically use common sense and do not be annoying on purpose.
    • Don't spam in voice or chat.
  • If your name or profile picture is inappropriate, it should be changed.
    • Names should have at least 3 consecutive English characters, so it can be pronounced.
    • Your name shouldn't make the game confusing (Ex. someone "kos someone" or traitors "kos traitors").
  • Hateful Conduct consists of the following (but not limited to):
    • Derogatory slurs are not welcome in this community. This includes racial slurs, homophobic slurs and references to peoples mental capabilities.
    • Any racial slur used inappropriately or extreme sexism/racism.
    • Hateful remarks directed towards a person/group of people. (religion, race, sexual orientation, etc)
    • Any of the above done on the server or the forums.
      (and any further attempt to continue the behavior towards a member)
    • Telling other people to kill themselves.

Traitor Specific

  • Don't give away the identities of your T buddies.
  • Don't kill your T buddies.
  • Don't intentionally let innocents into the T rooms.
  • Don't delay the round unnecessarily. Camping in the corner doesn't do anything! Actively try to kill the innocents.
  • Working with the innocents/detectives is not allowed.

Detective Specific

  • Randomly disarming other players is considered trolling. You may only disarm with reasonable suspicion/reason.
  • You cannot KOS someone for not testing.
  • You cannot force players to test.
  • Do not unnecessarily delay the round by camping the detective rooms as you should be actively trying to find out who the traitors are as a detective.
  • Detectives can only be killed if they damage you directly, you are NOT allowed to kill them otherwise. (Unless you're a traitor)

Votekick Guidelines

  • These rules are subject to change, and apply to all VIP, MVP and CC members at all times! (as well as any other rank we choose to give votekick permissions to in the future)
  • Don't votekick for something that would be better to be dealt with by staff (RDMing once, being annoying, or just being AFK).

    You can ONLY vote kick someone AFTER staff have been contacted through Discord. The player starting the votekick MUST call for staff THEMSELF. If you are unsure of a reason to vote kick someone don't be afraid to @Staff in Discord to ask if it's a valid reason.

    For a staff call to be considered  VALID  It must be posted in the #call-staff channel, include a ping to the @Staff role and the server you need help on.

    You CANNOT vote kick someone that you dislike/annoys you/is AFK.

    IF ANYONE is caught breaking these few rules they will receive a warning for the first offence only. The second time will result in your vote kick access being permanently removed!

  • Breaking these rules can result in your privileges being stripped!


Attempting to get around a punishment can result in a worse punishment being put onto you.

Full Staff/Rules roster is located here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12aQgdHKOnVmNIkl5NrQAfeq4vsmdkNvBECI6oEZSimY/edit?usp=sharing